January 31, 2024


  • Increase of the Italian estate taxes on foreign assets

    Law no. 2013 of 30 th December 2023 (Budget law for 2024) provided for an increase in estate tax rates on foreign properties. In particular, IVIE’s rate increases from previous 0,76% to 1,06%; IVAFE’s rate increases from the previous 0,2% to 0,4%, but only with respect to financial products held in blacklisted Countries.

  • New rules on tax residence of individuals

    The Legislative Decree no. 209 of 27 th December 2023 provides for certain amendments to the criteria of tax residence in Italy in art. 2 of the TUIR. In particular, as of 2024, individuals shall be considered as tax resident in Italy if, for the greater part of the fiscal year, including fractions of a…

  • Tax expat benefit – inbound workers regime amendments

    From 2024, the newly enacted regime provides for a new and more restrictive set of rules in order to benefit from the Italian inbound workers regime. In particular, the new inbound workers regime shall apply: The income exemption is equal to 50% (that can be raised to 60% where certain conditions are met) and applies…

  • Expat Tax Benefits

    The art. 16 of the Legislative Decree n° 147/2015 recognizes a tax benefit for UE citizens or Non-UE citizens (with a signed treaty to avoid double taxation between countries) who transfer their tax residence to Italy. They must meet the following requirements:• the workers must not have been resident in Italy in the 2 tax…